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A great way to test your skills and your vehicle’s performance.

When lapping, you get to drive your vehicle around a race track without worrying about speed limits, speeding tickets or competing for position. Given that no passing or contact is allowed when multiple vehicles are on the track, lapping is a fun way to challenge yourself, improve your skills and discover what your vehicle can really do while you have a great time in a controlled, safe environment. Even though lapping sessions are non-competitive, we’re happy to offer tips and insights to help you improve.

While we can arrange various lapping opportunities for customers, 191 Motorsport has officially rented Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant on May 16th and Oct 4th, 2019. Join us in the heart of the picturesque Laurentian mountains and feed your need for speed on an elite and twisting 15-corner track that is considered one of the finest and most demanding circuits in the world.

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