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Unlock potential. Unleash the beast.

Looking for a European car performance upgrade? Need better handling? Instant acceleration?  Improved off-road or track capabilities? Upgraded aesthetics or an engine that rivals factory vehicles? Whether you want potent power or just to get wherever you’re going sooner, the performance you crave may be an upgrade away.

Powered by expertise, experience, creativity, passion and pride, 191 Motorsport has been the home to European car performance upgrades and modifications that range from mild to extremely wild. If you can dream it and if it can be done, we’re up for the challenge. We appreciate that one driver’s “nice to have” is another’s necessity, so just tell us what you have in mind and we can tell us what your vehicle needs.

While 191 Motorsport has great relationships with high-end aftermarket parts suppliers, our loyalty is reserved for our customers and the needs of their vehicles dictate the best solution.  That said, Mercedes-Benz owners should know that 191 Motorsport is the only on-site ECU tuning facility in Canada for RENNtech, the world-leading authority and manufacturer of high-performance products for virtually all Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicles. Unlike other garages, we can tune your Mercedes’ Engine Control Module the same day to save you significant time. 191 Motorsport is also a distributor of APR  that can adjust ignition timing, fuel delivery, fuel metering, boost settings, rev limiters, and speed limiters to maximize the performance, horsepower and torque of your vehicle without sacrificing its smooth drivability.

Our turnkey European auto modification and performance upgrade services include (but are by no means limited to):

    • Engine replacement
    • Complete engine building
    • Supercharging/turbocharging
    • ECU tuning
    • Intakes
    • Aerodynamic upgrades
    • Performance/track alignments
    • High performance and track tires

    • Street or track suspension upgrades
    • Brake upgrades
    • Clutch/flywheel upgrades
    • Wheels
    • Exhaust and header upgrades
    • Track car preparation
    • Custom fabrication of roll cages

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