Making vintage, weary and damaged European vehicles beautiful again

When time takes its toll or an accident occurs, 191 Motorsport offers European auto restoration services that breathe new life into your vehicle and restore it to glory. Able to transform nightmare scenarios into driving dreams, our experienced vehicle restoration specialists have rolled back the years on elite vehicles made by Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen and made unfortunate collisions and mishaps into distant memories. 

At 191 Motorsport, we usually engage in partial restoration projects rather than those that require a complete disassembling of a vehicle to rehabilitate every component and system. While full restoration can limit ongoing maintenance, partial restoration is an ideal solution if you enjoy driving your vehicle a lot but do not participate in automobile shows.

Skilled in both mechanical and cosmetic repair, our European auto restoration services in Bois-des-Filion, Quebec include:

  • Complete engine and transmission rebuilding
  • Upgrading transmission and gearing for a more modern drive experience
  • Upgrading the mechanical system while restoring the existing system
  • Upgrading and restoring electrical, cooling and fuel delivery systems
  • Rebuilding and tuning carburetors
  • Rebuilding suspension, steering, brakes and suspension systems with some upgrades
  • Rust repair and restoration of body work and paint
  • Refreshing interiors
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